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18-24 year olds are now the largest voting block in America, having recently overtaken baby boomers. This gives the youth an unprecedented amount of potential influence in politics. But their interests are rarely considered in the actions of the government because this age group has been one of the most underrepresented in the voting population. And politicians don’t listen to those who don’t vote.Invest in America’s future and help students around the country register to vote and hold registration drives of their own.

Generous donations so far have helped us establish our organization,advertise our cause across the state and improve our training.Your donations today will help us achieve our immediate goals of helping the hundreds of schools across the country that have expressed interest run registration drives.We want to transfer our training to a more efficient automated program through the website,to better help more student leaders run increasingly effective registration drives.Additionally,we will continue to use donations to improve and distribute our training materials.

You can get involved with New Voters and make a difference.
Students: Help run registration drives at your school and get recognized for your efforts with awards from State legislatures, your school and New Voters.
Organizations: We are looking for partners and organizations who would graciously donate their services to New Voters.
Adults: Help with fund raising, publicity and other ways.