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We are a recognized 501c3, nonpartisan organization with the goal of registering students around the country to vote. Each year, 3 million students graduate from high school, and we want to help students have registration drives in each one of those schools. We help students from all levels of experience host extremely successful voter registration drives, and connect them to individual and school awards.


We the Youth of the United States, in order to safeguard our future, establish this indivisible New Voters organization to hold our Members of Congress accountable for the causes critical to us: our safety, protecting the planet, equality for all and upholding the American ideals.



We are the youth of America. We did not have a say in the 2016 election but we will in 2018. We unite to safeguard our future, champion transparency and have our voices be heard. We will observe our Senators and Representatives. We will not vote for those who blindly put party above country. We will vote for those who speak for us and our future — those who advocate for school safety, protect the planet, and hold the government to the American ideals.Members of Congress, in 2018 there will be 7 million new voters. We will vote and we will be watching.


New Voters helps students across the country host registration drives at their school, with historically a success rate of 85% eligible students registered.We aid student leaders through a variety of ways, namely one-on-one training calls, conference google hangouts, scripts for meetings, materials like shirts and stickers, sample speeches and more providing help on everything from getting administrative approval to the logistics of hosting the drive itself.We also connect student leaders with state-specific guidelines and voter registration awards in their states!